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miss_west's Journal

Mae West or BUST !
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" I wrote this story myself. It's all about a girl who lost her reputation, but never missed it. "

agelessness, ambition, applause, bad boys, baths, bears, beauty, belle of the nineties, blonde hair, bootleggers, boxers, boxing, breasts, brooklyn, camp, cary grant, catherine the great, censorship, comedy, corsets, denial, devotion, diamond lil, diamonds, double entendres, drag queens, easy rider, edith head, ego, eight inch heels, englishmen, eva tanguay, every day's a holiday, ex-lovers, false eyelashes, fame, fans, fickleness, finger tapping, flirting, frankie & johnny, furs, gay men, generosity, george raft, glamour, go west young man, goin' to town, good teeth, health food, high colonics, hips, hollywood, hourglass figures, i'm no angel, innuendo, insecurity, jim timony, klondike annie, las vegas, left-handedness, libido, lies, lily dale, lion taming, lions, longevity, love affairs, lovers, lying, mae west, megalomania, men, mirrored ceilings, mobsters, monkeys, more men, mother, motion pictures, musclemen, my little chickadee, myra breckinridge, negligees, night after night, one-liners, paramount, peeled grapes, performing, power, prison, privacy, professionalism, psychic phenomena, psychics, pugilism, quips, seances, secret marriages, sex, sex appeal, sex symbols, sextet, sextette, she done him wrong, silk underwear, soft hands, spiritualism, spring water, success, talent, technicolor, terseness, texas guinan, the 1890s, the heat's on, the ravenswood, the shimmy, the stage, tillie, touring, transsexuality, vamping, vanity, vaudeville, voluptuousness, vulnerability, w.c. fields, white, wigs, wit